Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Top Innovative Products Site for Gifts and Gadgets, Home, Offices, Niche Products
We know that pre-commerce has changed the face of the retail industry in India by creating the platform to launch products, faster delivery, great customer representative services, and lower prices. People who want to buy a unique product online in India can log on to a pre-commerce site and search for an innovative launches. ShoppingJinni is such a platform where it makes possible for both sellers and buyers sell and buy innovative and unique products respectively in an easy way. 

In this rapidly changing technological era, the customer is becoming a more and more crucial part in the new generation PLCs (Product Life Cycles). The two ways to win the heart of a customer include designing a truly innovative product and making sure that the product serves a real purpose to the customers. This is where the pre-commerce marketing phase comes into play.

Two of the important ways in which a pre-commerce marketing phase work, include:

The pre-launch of products on an online platform will help the consumers to get unique collection of varied category of products that are usually not seen or available in typical e-commerce sites. Moreover, the artists or creator of a product will get the break to make the product a brand. 

In other words, the pre-launch will help merchants, artists, tradesmen and individuals collect valuable information on how consumers expect the product in the market. Based on the reviews shared by the consumers, sellers of unique products can easily take steps to modify certain aspects of the marketing strategy or the product design, making it more likeable in the foreseeable future.

Operate a Pre-Commerce Site in India

Anyone who wants to launch their new products can take the help of our pre-commerce site ShoppingJinni. We ensure that your product is welcomed by the huge audience by adopting online marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media and graphic designing that are usually considered to be crucial marketing strategies. 

We have dedicated our website keeping in mind the pre-commerce strategies so that you can launch your unique products. Here, with us you can also interact with the consumers and take valuable inputs from them during the design and development phase. The pre-commerce launch corner will also allow you to accumulate inputs for future projects of the company making these projects streamlined with the customers’ requirements.

This is exactly how true innovative launches in India are bound to happen in the near future. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Best Collection of Unique and Innovative Products Online

The availability of a wide range of products online has made our life comparatively easier. Of-late, there are hundreds of online shopping websites which offer variety of products at best price. It is no more the scenario like the existing monopoly of e-commerce. Multiple options and numerous websites provide plethora of deals that leave the customers in a swamp with their competitive rates and offers.

Online shopping appeals to all types of class and provide best products under the budget of the consumer. Variety of products available at the sites is placed according to their relevance and popularity. But, at present, there are hardly any shopping portals that focus on innovativeness and uniqueness of products. Generally, we see daily products on all online institutions but we rarely find anything when we look for exclusive and creative products.

Running at the pace of modern advancements, it becomes important to incorporate change as positive and do something different from the crowd. E- Commerce should not only encourage excellent shopping experience but should also bring radical and impressive modifications in the existing e-commerce market of online products. is the online website that realizes the need of the creative and innovative products which can make the life of the consumers more comfortable and convenient. Here, the selection of the products is vast and yet they are easy to search. Even the prices are pocket-friendly without compromising with the quality of the products. In addition, it provides range of elegant and exclusive gadgetselectronic devices, games and antique products which can speak to your love towards innovative products. Also, the diverse shades of colors and different sizes give you numerous options to select and purchase the desired product.

The primary feature of online shopping is to figure out the domain specific innovativeness, consumer desires in the class of products available online. does not alter the existing utility of the products but moulds them in the way that they can be used for multiple purposes at the same time effectively.

The quick speed of delivery and the quality delivered are not compromised in any situation. The aim of the is to offer something new that can add colors to the monotonous routine of the life and can make it new and enjoyable with the innovative products available with us.

Do not foster any confusions in your mind; buy, test and trust. The policy of refund is also available to provide satisfactory results to the consumers.

Innovation is what we do, to make your life unique and new!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Tips to Buy Branded Smartphones Online in India
In the current age, when smartphones are more powerful and portable mini-computers that can perform almost any task that a laptop can. It has become indispensable and a complete necessity in our lives. They connect us to our family, friends, workplace and the world. Shopping for a smartphone can be daunting, simply because every now and then new model gets upgraded. Choosing a suitable smartphone for ourselves from a wide range of devices is not an easy task and we end up going through various lengthy reviews before taking our pick and making the purchase.
Buy branded smartphones online and stay connected to the world and with everything happening around you.

Top Branded Mobile Phone
The key features of smartphone and why you love it-
Size and design preference- You will find phones of every size. But lately, the trend is bigger the better. So choose as your requirement and usability. If you enjoy watch movies and your favourite serial then buy the bigger screen smartphones.
Camera-Definitely everyone loves to capture every moment of life. As well people love to take videos for personal use. So pick your choice with regard to the camera of the phones. Moreover, the need and requirement vary from person to person.
Battery life-While purchasing smartphone consider the battery life. If you are a person who is always out and do not have time to plugged into the wall for recharging then battery life should be a major factor in deciding on a smartphone.
Storage- Storage is something you need to consider if you require storing various files. If you love installing many apps on your phone then consider storage aspects while purchasing.
If you are planning to own a new smartphone then visit our website Shoppingjinni an online selling shopping sites for branded smartphones.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Smartphones - The Best Invention Till Date!
In today's world with the ever changing technology, Smartphones have brought about a revolution. Who would have known 15 years ago that one would actually be able to use a mini size computer whenever and wherever they wished. Nowadays everyone, be it those living in villages or the ones living in cities own a smartphone. Having a good smartphone has become a statement for people. Just like fashion, people have started changing their smartphone every now and then. Everyone wants a high-class smartphone having all the amazing features.
Karbonn Sparkle V (4 GB)
We are all well versed with the perks that one gets when he/she decides to buy smartphone online.
There are plenty of them. You get discounts, combo offers, heavy sale hours, and so much more. The best of all is that the product is delivered directly to your home within 2-3 days.
Coming to the usage of smartphones today, smartphones have clearly upgraded from much more than mere phones. They are the new mini computers, scanners, digital camera, notepad, television, calculator etc. So many features in one device, it a miracle indeed. With so many companies such as Apple, Samsung, Micromax, Motorola etc manufacturing smartphones, one has unlimited options to choose as per their requirements. Different smartphones have different prices, designs, styles etc and usually, comes in the warranty period of one year. In today's time, one can afford to buy a smartphone in less than 3000 Rs! Unbelievable, isn't it?
Smartphones have not only made our lives easier but have also given us the liberty to perform any task without any hassle. They surely are the best invention till date!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Buy Television Online To Redefine Your Entertainment World
Whether you are looking for a feature-rich television that blends well with the interiors of your home or wants to enjoy your favorite serials then you need not be worried about which store to go to buy? Today there is numerous collection of television online in different sizes and style at the most compelling price. Well if you are looking one then you have landed in the right place to buy television online.
Shoppingjinni is a leading online site that sells television and other accessories. You would be stunned to browse through our huge collection of products, accessible in various sorts like smart TV, Full HD Tv, in different size like up to 23 inches to 50 inch and above.
SAMSUNG 80cm (32) HD Ready LED TV - Rs - 29,000.00
A variety of options- Those who believe in getting the best home entertainment, then online is the best platform to find one where they offer multiple options to choose a heart desiring TV. Today's trending TVs are like smart Tv, Full HD tv, curved Tv and in any size you wish to have as per your budget.
Brands- Under one roof, you can find every brand and browse through and select the one that fits your requirement and budget. Unlike television store, you do not need to hop around from one shop to another.
Price- Online products are always cheaper as compared to stores. Offers and discounts are always an attraction. At every festive season, you can buy as many things as you want.
Selection- Online is effectively infinite that offers wide opportunity and to decide for selection. Online collections are always to carry all the most popular and top brands.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Get your latest smart phone online
The first question that simply strikes our minds when we talk about online shopping is, "Why struggle in the markets with so much of crowd and uncomfortable weather conditions when you can simply order online and avail so many facilities at the same time?"
Oppo neo 5 (Black, 16 GB) - RS-7,000.00
We are all well versed with the perks we get when we decide to go shopping online. There are plenty of them, literally plenty. You get discounts, combo offers, heavy sale hours, and so much more. The best of all is that the product is delivered directly to your home.
Coming to the smartphone usage today, smartphones have clearly upgraded to much more than just phones. They are the new computers, scanners, camera, notebook, television, my smartphone even works as a TV and AC remote. After getting so many features in one device, what else does one need?
I have changed three phones till date and two out of three were ordered online. Because it's just so convenient. Anything I want is just a few clicks away. For the payment too there are several options like COD, net banking, wallets or debit/credit card payments.
There are certain brands of smartphones that sell their products online only like Mi, Motorola, etc. They have their online selling partners through which they sell their smartphones. These smartphones online usually come with a warranty period.

So, in case if the handset doesn't work or if you face any kinds of issues with it. You can always get it changed while it's under the warranty period.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Benefit of Laptop Computers Shopping Online in India
Unlike computers, the laptop is a most popular device. Laptop computers are an individualised device. Their functions are remarkable and portability is one of the major factors. Today, you can see laptops right from office goers, business professionals to students. You can use them in many places- not just at home or offices but while you are commuting in the metro, flight, in coffee shops, in the lecture hall, libraries or at a meeting hall. The portability features offer several amazing advantages. If you are planning to own one for yourself the ideal way to purchase them is go for laptop computer shopping online.
Laptops and Computers
Immediacy - This is one of the most advantages of having a laptop over computers. It gives instant access to various information, personal and works files. Whenever the need arises you can collaborate immediately.
Size - Compared to PC, the laptop is small size. This is beneficial when space is minimum, when not in use you can close it and put it away.
Low energy consumption- Laptops are more power efficient than desktops. A typical laptop uses just 10-30w compared to desktops which consume 60-300w. Has much beneficial to businesses.
Quite -Laptops are quieter than desktops due to better components and less heat production that less few use of cooling fans.
Battery - Charged battery can run up to several hours even if there is a power cut. But desktops requires UPS in the case of power cut battery stays just for 20 to 30 minutes. It also a requires a large and quite expensive UPS.
If you are planning to buy a laptop then visit Shoppingjinni the largest selling laptop computers online in India.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Buy Latest Mobiles Phone Online at Best Price
Today, everyone loves to flaunt their mobile phones they possess. Especially the smartphone has occupied our centre-stage in our everyday life. Every day we read in the newspaper that fills with different types of news. You will get to read news about something new that's happening around. The situation is very similar with regards to mobile phones. Such a variety of organizations around the globe with so a significant number of their models, strive everyday to survive. They keep abreast with the new technology is how they can not become stable news with the yesterday's newspaper. Many find difficult at times to choose the best one that suits you because of the availability of a large number of mobile phones. In order to stay away from confusing buy latest mobiles phone online at best price.

The trendsetter of 2017 latest mobile phones flaunting are such as Mi Max, Oppo, Moto G, Panasonic, Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Gionee, Blackberry, Micromax and more.
LeEco Le 2 - RS-11,999.00
Today the users of the smartphone are increasing at an exponential speed. People eagerly wait for latest mobile features and technologies that can adapt up to the current glitches and offer out of the box performance. The latest mobile phone online comes with more added features and specification that helps you communicate smartly and connect easily with your dear and near ones by using wifi connection or mobile data.
In order to help you in deciding your purchase, we have a list of a collection of latest mobile phones Shoppingjinni. If you are planning to buy a mobile phone. Have a good at our collection of latest mobile phone. These latest collection of mobile phones are a trendsetter of 2017.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Latest Mobile Phone Online With Attractive Features
In today's digital age, mobile phone have become a necessity. Right from surfing the web to connecting with family and friends to running a business, mobile phones are utilised to accomplish the task. In today's fast-paced age, people are on the go all the time. They need a device like a smartphone that helps then carry out day-to-day tasks in a jiffy without compromising with their personal routine. But buying the Latest mobile phone online can make your life easier packed with more powerful features.

Today, buyers have a large variety of options to choose from colours to specifications to brands, you can simply put forth your choices and you will have the phone models as per your requirement. However hunting down the ideal cell phone through a large number of mobiles can be tedious. Shoppingjinni has the best collection of latest mobile phone online in India. The latest smartphone have come along with more powerful packed features that give you a feeling that the whole world is in your hand. Some of the latest phone making a big noise in the market are like Samsung galaxy, blackberry, Android, Mi Max, and more with different memory capacity so that you can save lots of your videos and picture.
Surprise your mom on Mother's day by gifting her the latest mobile phones. Online they have displayed an extensive assortment of the latest mobile phone to choose from. Place them order online in your mother's name. What would make her happier than to have this gift? Shoppingjinni is India's largest online shopping site that offers an exclusive number of mobile phones online at an affordable price.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Experience the World with Smartphone Online Shopping
Today, there is no denying the fact that devices like smartphones can make your life easier. You can do so much with smartphones. They can help you stay in touch your dear ones you care about, watch out for everything that's happening in your business. Another amazing thing you can do is you can shopping from anywhere even while you are travelling or relaxing.
If you do not own one then, why to wait for long to experience such enjoy, Smartphone Online Shopping is an ideal solution.
Smartphone offers a countless number of benefits:
Create and send emails- Smartphone offers power to reach more number of people irrespective of location than ever before, your smartphone gives you the ability to create emails and send within a short time from the palm of your hand. These smartphone offers the facility to edit and are completely mobile responsive. You can as well add text, links, buttons and images right from your mobile device.
Stay Connected- Benefit of having a smartphone is you can have access to the internet via WiFi or mobile data. Smartphone helps you connected to all your favourite social networks, you can browse, shop at online stores and bring all the latest news and sports on your hand.
Keep in Touch- Smartphone helps you receive, read and reply to your emails anytime. Whether you are travelling, waiting at the airport, at home watching television, relaxing you cannot miss out any email or sms. It allows you edit, view, and send attachments.
In Business- If you have to remain profitable when out of the workplace, pick a cell phone that incorporates a range of basic business tools. Most of the smartphone comes with simple word- processing capabilities, spreadsheets and database programs and even mobile presentation software. If these smartphones do not have a pre-installed program, you can download them on your phone.